Friday, September 11, 2009

mmmmm.......mushie foodl..not! I need some advice please

Ok, I am reading through my binder for what I need to eat during my "mushie" stage....and I have to admitt it really sounds gross. Did you guys really blend your meats? What did you eat during your mushie stage? My binder says day of surgery clear liquids. Next 3 days, full liquids. Next 7 days, mushies, and the examples they give is ground chicken with gravy blended...and stuff like that. After 7 days of mushies, it's 7 days of soft food....did you guys eat the mushies? What did you eat? I am really not thrilled with the thought of blending my food....

any advice? suggestions? help?


  1. I didn't blend food. I was able to eat tuna and eggs just fork mashed not blended (it's in my doc's guidelines). I ate a lot of refried beans with cheese and Angie gave me a great recipe for beans layered with mashed potatoes and cheese. Also ate a lot of yogurt and cottage cheese. Oh another one is layer ricotta cheese with ragu (I prefer prego), with mozzarella cheese and a little parmesean cheese - it's noodleless lasagna. By the way I was so sick of liquids after nearly 4 weeks that I would've blended anything!

  2. I didn't blend much. I had mine mid summer so I had a lot of sugar free popsicles! I also had eggs and cottage cheese which I just smashed up a bit with a fork. I know this isn't the most pleasant phase, but it doesn't last too long. :)

  3. potato soup with the chunks mashed, mashed taters, you'll be surprised at what you'll be able to tolerate. eat slow and chew alot and you'll be fine. I was banded two weeks ago and at the one week after point, i could eat scrambled eggs, anything soft and have added meats in the last 2 days. It the bandster hell part of things, i'm hungry and can pretty much eat whatever!

  4. My all time favorite mushy food was instant mashed potato's and a small 95 gram tin of sweet chilli tuna with a dollop of lite sour cream. YUM!
    I must admit, I couldn't face the thought of blending either so I didn't. I just mashed the heck out of everything (staying away from chicken and steak and sausages)
    Thin porridge for breakfast was good
    Very thick soups
    Low fat, low sugar custards, yoghurt, diet desserts. Runny scrambled eggs (with a dollops of sour cream again) or ricotta cheese was also nice - or a runny poached egg. Tinned spaghetti or baked beans (mashed) is also good as long as you have it with the sauce. They have a good consistency and are easy to get down.
    Hope this helps some :)

  5. I didn't blend either. I stuck with sugar-free pudding, tuna salad, soups, eggs, sugar free applesauce and Cream of Wheat. I also ate string cheese, that really helped keep me feeling full longer.

    Good luck!