Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lift your left breast please???

Well, I am back from my lovely 4.5 hour stay at the cardiac unit in my hospital. What an experience....
First they question why I am even there. I have no symptoms or signs of any heart issues, bloodwork all ok, blood pressure fine, etc...so I had to explain several times that a Dr at my checkup saw a small "blip" on my ekg and wanted it checked out...
So, they pump my veins full of radioactive junk and I had to lay still for an hour. Then I had to go get pictures of my heart taken, which involved laying in this big MRI type looking thing and have this thing go all the way around me taking pictures for 15 min. The room was ice cold and I had to lay still. Then after that, they hooked me up to get EKG and this male technician puts leads all over my chest & lower and ugh (humiliation) asks me to "lift my left breast" so he could put a lead there....I had to wear a sports bra there with no hooks on it, so "they" were hanging lower then I like, lol...and it was not a pleasant experience to be asked to do that....so anyway, that part gets all done and he does reading and I asked him if there was a blip. He said no, I walked on the treadmill for 9 min where they continuously checked my bp & my heart rate. The Dr was in there and he also said he didn't see any "blips" but then they said the pictures they take will tell the true story. So after that had another shot of radioactive stuff, layed still for 1.5 hours and then had more pictures taken. They said the pictures at the end turned out good, but they wouldn't tell me results. Then they said the pictures taken before while in my resting state didn't turn out so well, and it is probably because of I have "big boobs", so if the Dr doesn't like them I may have to come in and have more taken. But hopefully with the EKG, and the after pictures, they will have enough data to tell me that I don't have heart issues. The tech & Dr both said they didn't see anything that concerned them. The tech went further and said he is not a betting man, but he would bet I have no heart issues and the Dr just didn't know how to read my prior ekg or was overly cautious. So, I feel better now...but just wish I wouldnt have to wait so long for my results. I want to know today. But the soonest I will hear is Wed afternoon, and if I have to go back in for more pictures, it will be even longer.

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  1. That is good to hear that everything seems to have checked out! I would have told the tech "I bet you say that to all the women"!