Monday, August 31, 2009

4 hours?

I got my letter in the mail with my instructions for my stress test tomorrow. I have to be there at 730, my testing starts at 8. I am not supposed to have chocolate or caffeine today according to my paperwork, but the hospital called me today to confirm my appt & I asked about those instructions and they told me I could have caffeine today for the type of test that I am having done. I skipped my coffee this morning (ugh!) but around 11 I had a diet pepsi. I am going to try to have no more today, I don't want anything to mess this test up. As of midnight I can't have anything to eat or drink.
I heard back today that my bloodwork all came back normal. My chest xray showed my lungs as clear, and my heart as normal. So the only thing they are waiting for is a good stress test result & then my surgery is a go!
My test is going to last 4 HOURS tomorrow. That is crazy! I'll only be walking on the treadmill for 10 min of that time, the rest is getting the radioactive stuff moved from my veins to my heart, and getting pictures of my heart taken. I am going to bring some books & my ipod for sure. I know I will drive myself crazy being there for that long. I am glad I took the whole day off of work, I will be in no condition to work after that...until I hear the results which will be Wed or Thurday, I am going to be stressed.
So, praying that tomorrow goes well, and that there are no heart issues.

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