Thursday, August 27, 2009

horrible dr experience...praying my surgery is still a go!

I am beyond upset, frustrated, and scared.
My family moved to Colorado in February. I picked out a family Dr, but haven't needed to see one yet. I met with the Dr that is going to do my lapband surgery and was told I would need to see my regular dr to get bloodwork, ekg & xray. I made my appt and patiently waited. Yesterday morning my Dr's office called, my Dr was sick so I had to see another Dr. I got there, he walked in and one of the first things he said was "I don't really think you should be seeing me to get clearance for a surgery, I don't know you, I don't know your medical history, you need to see your regular Dr". He was so rude! I explained my situation, that I moved from Mn to Co in February, blah blah....and he acted like that didn't matter. Then he asked me what type of surgery I was having and I told him lapband (my lapband surgeon works in the same office as this dr) and then he got even ruder. He continued with my exam, my heart rate was high...well duh, I was nervous, he was being rude. He said your heart rate is very high..that needs to go down or im not approving you. well, on 2nd check it went down. Then he did the ekg, he said it looked fine except for one little blip but that should be nothing. Then all the sudden he did an about face, he said call your dr from the state you from, see if they have an ekg report i can compare this one too. I don't have any history of heart problems in me or my immediate family. I am healthy excepte for being fat. I called my old Dr's office, no EKG on record. They said I have never needed one. So now I don't know what's going to happen. I asked that stupid Dr what if they didn't have one to send, and he really wouldn't answer except to say "we'll see". I called his office yesterday and left message. I called back today and left message. Still haven't heard anything. So, I don't know what to think....if this stops my surgery, I am gonna flip! Oh and get this, that stupid rude dr must not like or believe in lapband because he also told me, you know they did this surgery on an administrative person that is working at the hospital and they haven't lost any weight, the surgery didn't work for them! I really don't want to jump to the conclusion that he is doing this to me so I can't have the surgery..but I am getting that feeling.

My surgery has already been scheduled. I have passed every other thing except this....I am at a loss here and don't know what to think....


  1. You know, I dont know why your lapband doc cant order the tests. I never saw my family doctor during that lapband docs office set up the appts every where and off I went.

    Dont freak out. He sounds like an ass. If for some reason what he says looks like it is going to hold your surgery up, you call back to the doctors office and demand an appt ASAP with your regular doc. If you doc cancelled, then they need to work with shouldnt have to wait forever.

  2. This is crazy, what a jerk! I would also explain the situation to your lapband surgeon and maybe get a note from your former doctor that you've never had a history of heart problems and never needed an EKG. Have faith, I know it's hard when people are such jerks, but your lapband surgeon wants to do this surgery and will make it happen if you're healthy!

    Keep us in the loop!

  3. OMG...thats crazy that he was so rude. I would call your sergon and see what he could help you with about going to see another doctor that will help you insted of being rude and ugly. I got an ekg but my sergon had mine set up for me. Keep us posted!

  4. What an ass... and here we all were saying, "Just see this new Doc so it moves you forward!!' Sorry that was horrible for you.. (he's STILL AN ASS! Want me to come over there and beat him up??)
    I agree with the other girls. It was the surgeries fault they cancelled and you need to get in fast to see your regular Doc. Ring up and don't take no for an answer.

  5. I'm so sorry that you had such a horrible experience with this new Dr. He sounds like a total jerk! If I were you, I would be sure to complain to the original Dr you were supposed to see once you actually see her in the future! There was no reason for him to walk in with a chip on his shoulder like that. I certainly would never agree to be seen by him again. I'm lucky, my Internist Dr is great, however, he is against my getting Bariatric surgery too. He just begged me not to get the Bypass at all. Anyway, hope your surgery goes smooth as glass. As for the tattoo's, go for it! I am 54 and recently got my first 2 tattoo's last year. My daughter thinks I am nuts!