Wednesday, August 26, 2009

called in sick?????????

Today is my appt with my normal Dr for bloodwork, examine my lungs, ekg & all that good stuff to get clearance for my surgery. My appt has been set for 3 months now...I picked a female Dr that came highly we have only lived here for a few months, this will be the first time I have met the Dr I picked I was told my appt would be extensive...and first thing this morning I get a call saying my dr called in sick and would it be ok if I saw another dr, a male dr, in her practice...and if I couldn't or didn't want to I wouldnt be able to get in with my dr till the end of sept, and that is when my surgery is scheduled. So,..of course I have to say yes. I am already freaking nervous for this appt, and now to have to see a guy for this "extensive" appt. This is my last hurdle to jump before my surgery. I passed my physical therapist appt. I passed my nutrionist appt, I passed my psycholgical appt...all thats left is to get clearance from my dr for surgery...and I am nervous. I don't really know what to expect today, what all they will be checking or doing....I'm pretty healthy but I haven't had a real full checkup in forever, I usually only go to the dr if I'm sick...I don't like Dr's....I hope today goes quickly and good. I hope they don;t find something that stops this surgery from happening. I want it so bad!


  1. Dont sweat it. I am glad you didnt wait for goodness sake! Even though he is a boy, he is a boy doctor and has seen everything and done everything. It will be a breeze! And it will get you oh so much closer to bandland!

  2. Yeah... while it's good to have a doc you feel comfortable with - like Amy W said - ALL doc's have pretty much come across every shape size and colour so don't be put off. This is your last hurdle where you fly towards bandland. Good luck with it all :)