Monday, August 24, 2009

get to know me

Since I am so new...thought maybe I should tell you a little bit about myself.

I have two daughters and I am married. I was born & raised in IL. In Nov 07 we moved to Minnesota & in Feb 09 we moved to Colorado...and we will be here forever I hope, I love it here!

I am very outgoing, very much a people person, and love to laugh, sing songs very loudly, and tease people. I love my husband, and think he is amazing.

My husband is the full time youth pastor at a church here in Colorado, and that is why we moved here. I help out in youth ministry and love it. I love hanging out with teens, and helping them thru things and doing the all night movie nights, sleepovers, bowling, etc. We are very involved in our church and my relationship with God is very important to me...I hate religion, so I don't want anyone to think I am a religious person, religion to me is a bunch of rules and requirements...I believe it's about a relationship with God.

I hate to exercise...once I get up and start, I'm fine & usually enjoy it, but getting myself to do it, is another story.

My favorite color is purple. I love salty food...and chocolate. I love to read and watch movies, I like to shop, tho lately I haven't done much of it because I get so depressed on my size & struggle to find things that fit looks good on the hangers, and not so good on me. I love hanging out in cool coffee shops.

I was a cheerleader, I didn't really let my size stop me from too much in high school.

Our family loves to camp, hike, play games, watch movies and laugh. We enjoy eating out, going to the zoo and stuff like that.

I have my nose pierced, I have a small silver hoop in it now. I want a couple of tattoos...hoping to do that soon. I love my music loud & rocking! I love going to concerts! I don't ever want to grow old at heart! I try to dress current...but $ & size holds me back quite a bit in that area. When my hubby left his full time good paying sales position to pursure full time ministry, that affected our pay quite a bit and for 15 months while in Minnesota to get his internship time in he didn't get paid, so we had to just live off my salary and we are still trying to catch up financilly from that.

I am getting 'banded' in September. I am excited and feel hope for the 1st time in a long time. I am doing this to get healthy. to feel good about myself. To gain myself back, my self confidence & my personality. I have been hiding for far too long. As a pastors wife I am in front often, people watch me, and I am self councious all the time now. I want to be a good example.

so...that's me :)


  1. Susie -

    Not sure if you'll see my comment to your comment on my blog, so thought I would post here. First, this post is great, so good to get to know you! I think the jeans will fit great, I loved them! If they are too big, just pass them on to goodwill or something. If they are too small, they will fit in no time at all!! Just email me your address at and I'll send them this weekend!


  2. Hey, great post. You sound like a great girl and it's nice you've found a place to settle and all home. It was nice to find out a big more about you :)