Thursday, August 20, 2009

watch out world, here I come!

Ok, now that I have decided & I am moving are my hopes and goals...

The obvious of course is losing weight...I would like to lose at least 100lbs, which is ALOT!

I want to gain energy. Self confidence. New wardrobe, one that doesn't "hide" me, but rather announces me. An improved self image. I want to be able to cross my legs. I want to sit in a booth comfortably. I want to wear a swimsuit again without constantly worrying about how I look. I want to love to have my picture taken. I want to ride rollercoasters without worrying if I will fit.

Now, to accomplish those and the many more I didn't mention.....I will have the surgery. I will stick to the liquid & mushy diet. I will chew slowly, make wise choices and exercise. I want this bad enough. I am sick & tired of being sick & tired! I will stop the negative talk that I do to myself all day every day. I will make me a priority for the first time in a long time and I will do this! Watch out world, here I come!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Susie! I dont know what your starting weight is, but I think all of those things are possible! I started at 327, and as of today, have lost 91 pounds and dont plan on stopping anytime soon. The other day I actually crossed my legs. It was weird. I havent been anywhere to tackle fitting into a rollercoaster yet, but I will. I just wanna make damn sure I fit!

    Good luck! You can do this!