Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 2 down, and 4 lbs down. My fingers and toes are crossed for an amazing potential job opportunity....and needing some advice...

Day 2 of the pouch test down...3 more to go. Today I get to eat soft protein... It feels great to be gaining control over my eating, and I am gaining my focus again. I am almost back down to my the weight my ticker says...and then it's downhill after that. I am determined to stay on track and reach my goal. I am trying to replace the negative self talk in my head with positive talk...we are so mean to ourselves, or at least I am, the things I think in my head about myself... On the job front...I have applied for the most amazing job, I KNOW I would love this job. It is a great fit for me and my personality and my strengths. I applied even though I have no experience but knowing if they gave me a shot, I could do it. I honestly didn't think I would hear back...but I did. Last week I had a phone interview, and at the end he said "you have a great personality that comes across over the phone, you have a great phone voice and an enthusiasm that is contagious"...and he put me thru to the next level in the process. He emailed me a long list of questions that I had to fill out. He said I passed that and I should be hearing back soon about setting up an assesment....but that was last Thursday, and I haven't heard anything yet...UGH! I want to call, but he is the recruiter and in another state, it's been handed over to someone else, and I don't want to appear desperate or I guess I wait? The job is an executive host/inside sales for a casino 10 min away from where we live. I would be contacting people all over the US who have been to the casino to build relationships with them and try to get them to come back to the casino...say they are big poker players and we have a poker tournament coming up...I call them to tell them about the tournament and convince them they need to attend...the job is 80% being on the phone and 20% meeting them when they come to further build that relationship....I am very customer service driven, and have worked on the phones for the past 10 I got that part down...I have never really done "sales"....and I had never been to a casino until I went last Saturday to check out the casino...but I want this's great pay, great benefits...and fits me....I really feel I would excel in this position...It sounds exciting, and it sure is not something I would have pictured myself doing before lapband. I would get to dress up and entertain clients?? OMG, I want this. But...I have to be honest and say my other half is not thrilled with idea...first of all the hours are 11-8pm...and I would probably have to work that would only leave us with `1 day off a week together...but I think the big drawback for him is me being out in public entertaining..he is really struggling with my weight loss and the fact guys look at me now and I get hit on.... so...questions for you guys... do I just wait and see if I get called for this assesment? Or do I follow up again with the recruiter? and how are your other halfs dealing with your weight loss? How do I deal with the insecurities mine is having? Have a great day!


  1. I'd follow up with him -- a nice, light, breezy conversation to express your interest. The job is about making calls just like this -- I wonder if him waiting isn't a test!

    On the significant other front, I'm not sure what to tell you. Just reassure your other half as much as you can, let him know that you only are interested in him, and be respectful of him in general -- and especially when you are together (tone down your enjoyment of the attention if need be).

  2. I agree you should follow up.

    My other half has reacted to my weight loss by becoming a complete horn-dog. The man wants me all the time. I can't say my labido has changed that much. It sounds like you and your fella need to have some serious conversations about these issues. He needs to trust you and if he doesn't it probably doesn't matter where you work - he's going to feel insecure.