Monday, April 18, 2011

Feeling better after a great weekend

I had a great weekend... I got some quality time in with my hubby...which always helps me and my perspective. When we are together all blues go away. I am always the happiest when we are together. He makes me laugh..he makes me look at things from different angles and it all makes sense... We got some great quality time in this weekend...and also some great quality time with our girls. We got our living room painted and the colors look amazing...we painted our ceiling Almond Cream, one wall Breakfast Blend which is the color of milk chocolate..and the other three walls Midnight Dream...which is a dark deep blue..and the room looks totally different and looks amazing! I will post some pictures soon. So...during some of this quality time we made some plans for me..plans to help me get some hope for my job perspective....nothing I can share quite yet..but things could hopefully be changing soon for me for the better....My fingers and toes are crossed about this possibility... I am going to have a better week this week! I am going to try my hardest! Time to shake these blues, be thankful for the blessings I have and time to quit the negative self talk! Lets all have a great Monday!


  1. My fingers are crossed with you! I am glad that the paint worked out bc sometimes its the little things like making a space feel better that lends itself to making you feel a little better as well.

  2. Family time always makes me feel better too. Glad you had a good weekend.