Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Friday!

Life has still been hard lately...but I am really trying hard to keep a smile on my face and carry on.

One thing working great is I am working the band..and the band is working. I am down 2lbs so far this week just from following the band rules. I am drinking the water, eating healthy protein first with fruits and veggies and very little carbs. And I am working out. So hopefully I can lose 5 more to hit 168 by my anniversary which is my mini goal I set.

Jobs...ugh. I am sending out a few resumes/applications a day...and just not hearing anything. It is soooo frustrating. And so many places have it set up now that you can't even call to follow up on a job...just to get an interview somewhere is hard right now...and I am good in interviews, but I can't wow them if I don't even get my foot in the door for an interview. It is soooo frustrating. But what I think I am going to do is stop looking for now for me..and start helping my hubby to look. He has a job, and he likes it...but it's not something he wants to do forever and the pay is horrible! So if we can get him plugged into a job he can make better $ and have a future at, then I can look after he is getting benefits and then I can afford to take a pay cut to find something thats the plan. Now I just have to convince myself to like my job again. ugh. Which will be hard because I hate it!

My plan for this weekend: To stay focused and on track! I do NOT want to cheat 1x this weekend...

Happy Friday!


  1. I am praying that the perfect job situation for you and your husband appears. Life's too short to hate your job.

  2. You can do this are worth it and God has a know that. xoxo