Monday, October 12, 2009

3 days from's coming up quick, some pro's & con's

I can't believe Thursday is surgery day. It still feels kind of unreal...but the closer it gets, the more nervous I am getting. I have been re-reading thru some other people's blogs around the time right before and right after their surgery, to try to prepare myself for what's to come. Several people did a Pro's and Con's list and that seems like a really good here is mine:

Pro's: To feel normal. To get healthy. To like what I see in the mirror. To shop in normal sized clothing stores. To be able to cross my legs. To not worry about the booth size in a restaurant, or fitting into a ride or on a plane. Set good example for my girls. Feel confidence again. To feel in control again. I feel hope.

Con's: fear of surgery. Fear of failing this, which is the last thing I know to try. The cost (even though my insurance approved, I am paying for part of it). Fear that people will comment on the way I will have to eat after surgery, being in ministry we eat out alot, or eat in front of people. the 7 day puree food diet after surgery.

I get banded Thursday! Hoping I can be an amazing success story like Catherine, Amy, Sarah, Jen and Mary!


  1. Susie!!! I'm so excited for you and so glad you did a pros and cons list. I'm going to revisit mine tonight. Catherine suggested it to me and I thought it was so helpful! In terms of your cons, so far I haven't had a problem eating in front of people. I choose something from the menu that I know I can eat, and I just eat slow. Puree diet is a cinch, the liquids are the toughest part. I ate a lot of refried beans and cheese and pureed chili. You'll be great!! I'm so excited for you to be on the other side!!

  2. OH you can do it! With your faith and commitment you will rock this! It can be slow at times, but you will get there! I cant wait for you to get your journey started...although you really already have!