Tuesday, October 13, 2009

some questions for you banders on exercise

Hey Guys...
I have a question about exercise....All of you I read your blogs and your working out daily, some running, some aerobics..etc...

Did you start it before you lapband, or after? What I am trying to ask is..after getting banded, did you energy increase and you were motivated to work out? I am really struggling with working out right now, I find excuses, I don't have energy...I am wondering does that/will that change after I get banded? I am hoping after I get banded, and the weight starts falling off, and my energy level increases, that will in turn motivate me to get moving...is that how it worked for you?


  1. I was motivated to start walking and training for a 5k after surgery...not bc of having more energy, but bc about 2 weeks after surgery (when I started real food) my weight loss stopped. But, once I started walking, I built up my energy and stamina pretty quickly. I started with 1 mile, and added .5 miles every week...until I was up to 3.2 miles for the 5k! For me, you have to force the exercise, and then comes the motivation...when you start seeing the results.

  2. For me it has been strickly motivation, well that and my doctor is hardcore about excercise. I started with walking, then aerobics, and recently added running. I also do some sculpting weight lifting. I think after taking the plunge into surgery my mentality changed.

  3. I can't say I'm motivated by having more energy per se... I just know I have to do it and it does make a huge difference. PLUS, it is easier having lost the weight... Now I actually WANT to do it - kind of like an addiction! Good luck!