Friday, October 23, 2009

my follow up Dr appt today

I had my follow up appt today, my surgery was last Thursday. My Dr said I was healing nicely, he removed the strips from my 6 incisions. I am still bloated from the gas somewhat, but he said by this time next week that should all be out of me. He explained why my surgery went so long, and why my recovery time is a little longer than most. There was no room between my stomach & my spleen, It was a very tight they had to pretty much lift my stomach up and away from me to get the band around it...and then I was bleeding pretty bad as a capillary vein that connected my stomach to my spleen needless to say, because of the tight fit, he wasn't able to put the 3cc's in that he planned to do. But I do have my first fill scheduled for Nov I am really hoping that I can be disciplined and controled to lose between now & then on my own without the restriction. I can tell I have some, but I am really starting to get tummy has been growling....I am trying to ignore it because I really want to start losing...but man I feel like I have a normal appetite. The scale hasn't moved in a couple of days, thats making me mad too. Ha! But I get clearance to start exercising on Monday, so I know that will help that stupid scale to move. I have to start off light, like walking and gradually move my way up to heavier stuff like weights. I am ready for the weekend! I am hoping to have a great weekend, to keep my appetite under control and get the scale moving. I hope you ladies have an amazing weekend as well!

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  1. Wow I have never heard of a situation like yours! I am glad everything was okay in the end and that you were able to get the band.

    Esentially the band does nothing without any saline in it....some people say they still felt some restriction but I never felt a thing! So you could be like me! Slow and steady wins the race with the band so get smaller gradual fills and you are less apt to get the tight hurting feeling and more likely to get a more satisfied feeling.

    I had been getting 1cc every time and this last time I got .5 and it has made a bigger difference than all the 1cc I have had inthe past!

    Hope all continues to go well for you!!!