Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have a confession to make....

Ok, here goes. I started this blog for a couple of reasons..but the biggest reason was for accountability.

Confession #1. I got the "all clear" to start exercising on Monday. today is Wednesday....and have I exercised yet? NO! I am so mad at myself. I have my work out clothes out, I have my walking DVD out and ready to why am I not exercising? I set my alarm early this morning so I could get up and get it done before I wake my girls up for school...and what did I do? I turned it off and went back to sleep. I have GOT to start exercising. I know it will help my slowly moving scale to move faster. Plus give me energy. and make me feel better. Uugghh.....I need to start!

Confession #2. We ate at Arby's last night. I ordered a roast beef melt. I only intended to eat half. Or eat just the meat out and some of the bread. I ate the whole thing...well almost the whole thing, I did leave some crust behind. I absolutely feel like I have no restriction at all. My surgery was 2 weeks ago tomorrow...and I can already eat a whole sandwich? I didn't order fries, or eat anything elses with it....but really? the whole thing? I can't wait to get a fill....but I have to wait till Nov between now and then I don't want to stop losing. so I gotta do this on my own. I have to make myself be satisfied with smaller portions. I have to do this. I want this so bad.


  1. I was the same way two weeks post op. I could eat anything. This is when your will power has to kick in. I have my first fill on 11/12, I can't wait. I have been walking 30 minutes a day. Start with that, it's something. Believe though, I feel your pain. You are in Bandster's Hell, as they call it. Don;t worry you didn't do all of this for nothing. It will work. Hang in there til the 11/17.

  2. My doc let me move to mushies and real food at my own pace (after 2 weeks of liquids), so I ate bread and a sandwich around the 2 week mark. The good thing about that is...when I went in for my first fill, I was able to tell him that I could easily eat that, and that is one of the ways he gauged how much to fill me. He gave me 4cc's right off the bat. So just be honest with your doc and maybe it will work out in your favor!

  3. Oh yeah: I remember this part well. But unlike you guys in the US, here in Oz our docs are REALLY strict. Week 2 I was only allowed slightly thicker liquids. But since you are allowed to eat I get what you are saying. It really does take quite a few fills before 'true' restriction kicks in. Hopefully this next one will give you more. Till then just keep trying. At least you are aware that eating the whole thing was probably a little over what you should have had lol. We've all done it, Susie x

  4. Don't sweat it! Think of it this least you are eating less than you did before surgery! Unfortunatley until you get some restriction you will feel like you are eating too much. No worries! You are doing fine! Don't be discouraged!