Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am officially a Bandster.

Well, my surgery was Thursday. To say I was nervous that morning would be an understatement. But I showered, got ready, and my husband and I were off. I got checked in, got into my gown, hooked up and ready. My surgery was supposed to last about an hour to an hour & a half. It ended up lasting 3 1/2 hours. I was supposed to have 4-5 incisions, ended up with 6. My Dr told my husband that my stomach and spleen were somehow intertwined and it took them a long time to get them apart and that resulted in the extra incision. He wasn't concerned about it, just said there wasn't alot of room and they had to get them apart to put the band around my stomach. He said I would be pretty sore because of what all they had to do and boy was I. I felt like such crap Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. I pretty much took my pain pills every 4 hours and stayed in bed. I didn't feel like eating, drinking, or moving. I begged Randy to take me back to the hospital to take the band out. I am finally doing a little better. Yesterday I officially was moved to the mushie stage, so i ate some mashed potatoes. Randy and I went grocery shopping and I think getting out, moving helped somewhat. I was going to go back to work today, but decided I needed one more day. I'm just not bouncing back as quickly as I thought I would. And I just don't "feel right". I don't know how to explain it but I have to force myself to eat & drink. I always have this funny taste in my mouth and it's nasty. How long till I start to feel normal? Everyone in my family is sick, so I am trying to stay away, but I have been coughing (which of course hurts my tummy like crazy), so I am thinking maybe that is part of why I am not bouncing back. I called my Dr yesterday and they told me to stay away from my family and to force myself to eat & drink. My followup appt is Friday...so I am going to try to hang on till then. I just hope this gets better. Please tell me it will.


  1. You my dear, sound exactly how I did. Maybe go back and read some of my August blogs. I had the horrible taste in my mouth, didn't want to eat, really hard to drink. Definitely walk even if you don't want to. The movement helps. The taste in my mouth ended up being thrush, so check your tongue to see if it's white (or green) and patchy. I can't believe your surgery was that long!! With the hernia repair, mine was 45 minutes. With all of that anesthesia you're bound to be exhuasted. It DOES GET BETTER! I promise. I felt awful for the week, but honestly by day 7 or 8, I felt back to normal. Please reach out if you have any questions!!

  2. Yeah, welcome to Bandland! (doing a little happy dance here for you). Sorry you feel so yucky, hope today went better for you.

  3. Oh Suzie, what a crap start.
    Hang in there. What you're going through is something we all did (well, apart from the long surgery and stomach/spleen thing) That sounded dreadful. The taste will depart, the gas (just take anti-gas tabs and walk walk walk) and things will start to pick up. You won't feel like eating or drinking much but I promise you, it will and does get better. Just hold on :)