Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 1 liquid...and I get a fill during surgery?

Hello everyone! I must say I am in a really good mood. I started my liquid diet today...again, lol. This time tho, I know I am good to go. Since I only have 9 days to shrink my liver, I am going to not follow my dieticians instructions all the way. The diet I was given was: bfast, shake & piece of fruit. snack, shake. Lunch, shake & salad. Supper, veggie, starch, chicken or fish, salad. snack, another salad. I am going to try to stick to mostly shakes, with maybe 1 small salad and a piece of fruit. I don't want to go to surgery, and then not be able to have it because my liver has not shrunk enough.

I found out something really cool though. My Dr has been training in Hawaii over the summer trying out a new way to do lapband, and it's been so successful, that he is going to do it with me. During the surgery he actually puts 3cc of fill in...so now bandster hell :) He said it restricts me right away, and I don't have to wait the 4-6 weeks to get that amount, he will put it in right away during the surgery, then 4 weeks later, I will get my "2nd" fill. He said it has been shown to really jump start the weight loss. So I am really excited!

Today my hubby came home for lunch and asked me where we were going to get the $ to buy me new clothes, because I will be shrinking so fast. I had to laugh. I told him 1st off, I won't be shrinking that fast. and 2nd, I do have many sizes in my closet so I will be ok for awhile, and lastly...I just may have to spend some $ on new clothes :) which might mean me getting 2nd job but oh well...I can't wait to have that problem!


  1. What I meant to say was NO bandster hell! Ha!

  2. Cool idea, a fill in surgery. I've just gotten my first fill now and the time between is really a hard waiting period. Good luck, you'll do great.

  3. You sound really upbeat today: so lovely to hear.

    Lucky you getting that kick start.. I will be curious to see if it works because I know when we get the band first in we usually have about 1 ml (or cc) already there and it will be interesting to see if 3 makes the difference.