Monday, October 5, 2009

I have a date! I have a date! and boy is it coming up quick!

My doctors office just called...and my surgery is on Thursday Oct 15th! at 9:45am. I have to be there at 7:45am. That is like so quick!! I have to start my liquid diet asap...and I won't get the full 2 weeks in...but he said that won't be a problem....I sure hope not after all of this. But seems like everyone else had to follow it for 2 weeks??? If I start tomorrow that's only 9 full days of liquid diet...looking for some imput from you guys, how long did you have to do the liquid diet? I just scheduled 2 vacation days, Oct 15th & the 16th, then I have sat & sunday off too...then back to work on Monday. But since I work from home and I just sit and answer phone calls & type, I should be ok, right? thats 4 days of recovery time....I hope thats enough....
I know you guys understand this...I just can't sit still...I am so stinking excited! If I am dreaming, please don't pinch me and wake me up...cuz I am loving this dream. Like, I know it's not just going to magically make me lose weight, I know I will have to work at it...but I know this is going to be the tool that will make my dreams of being normal come true! At church yesterday I had to do part of the welcome and announcements...since I am considered "on staff" because my husband is the youth pastor. I felt so uncomfortable standing up in front of 200 people...I know I don't look good at this weight...and I just felt totally sucked. And now I have to start doing that regularly...but I know soon I will be looking & feeling better, so that helps.
I am going to go do some happy dancing! because I am so excited!


  1. OMG How exciting!!!! That's only 11 days away. You are going to do great and now its all happening. I couldn't be more pleased for you.

  2. AMAZING!! You shouldn't worry about the liquid diet. Just make sure you stick to it. I did it for 2 weeks and then an additional 5 days since I got bronchitis before surgery and it was postponed. But there are people that literally do a one day diet prior to surgery, so you have nothing to worry about. 9 days and your liver will be beautiful!

    In terms of recovery time, I think that because you work from home you'll be okay. The worst part for me was the gas pain in my left shoulder, but as long as you take a lot of breaks and walk walk walk, you should be fine.

    Congats Susie! I'm so very happy for you!

  3. Yay! I only had to do my pre-op diet for 10 days, but I chose to do it for 14 because I really wanted to be sure it all worked out OK. The date is almost here!!