Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Don't pinch me, I don't want to wake up

I just am so excited. I can't stop smiling....I have wanted to have this surgery for a few years now, but it's now finally happening...and it still kinda feels like a don't pinch me and wake me up :)

The liquid diet is going ok...I ate a big salad last night and it tasted so yummy. We have a youth event Friday night after the football game, we are ordering pizzas. That will be hard, I am going to pick up a salad from subway or mcdonalds to eat during that time...

Well, I am off of work, and I need to leave for church...I lead the girls small group. Tonight we are talking about our appearance, and I am bringing in pics of barbie to have as a visual of what the world tells us beautiful is....these girls struggle with their I want to convince them that they are beautiful, and we don't have to look like a stinking barbie doll!


  1. Doing well, Susie! And the next few months will bring excitement into your life (plus I guess a bit of hard work.. but we won't think about that right now!!)

  2. You get salad in your pre op diet? Lucky. My doc allowed only broth, SF popcicles, SF jello and protein shakes.

    I like the message you're giving @ your church event!

  3. I remember that excitement! What is your sugery date? Great topic for teen girls. I am constantly giving that "talk" to my 8YO daughter who worries about being "FAT"! Unbelievable